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JOINT Or Angelita De Miami (Staged Reading) Friday April 30 2021 at 8:00 PM

Sandrell Rivers Theater
× Join us as we celebrate Ricky J. Martinez Day with Ricky J. Martinez himself!

"JOINT or Angelita de Miami" is an original play written by Ricky J. Martinez and Directed by Deborah Kondelik (DK). The Synopsis is based on the Golden Apple of Discord: the most famous of Greek Mythology's Apples, which was a Golden Apple that indirectly started the Trojan War. Ricky's play replaces the Golden Apple with the "Silver Conch", which sounds to announce that the last of Zeus' bastard children conceived with a mortal, lives in Miami: Angelita. She is beloved, beautiful, and fleeing the wrath of Hera, Zeus’ wife, she turns to the safety of a theater company in Miami.

Tickets: $5 (in person)

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